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Exercise and Text



What you will be learning in the “HTML Basics”?

In the “HTML basics” course, you will be learning:

  • To create your own website using HTML
  • How easy HTML really is
  • What HTML is used for in 2017

Materials needed for this course:

  • A computer
  • Internet Access
  • Atom – Optional (
    • Atom is a free text editor that can be customized to do anything while increasing productivity

Prior Knowledge for this course:

  • None!

This is a beginner’s course, starting at the very beginning of HTML and web design. So as long as you can follow along you should be good to go.

How the Website Material Will Work

Using a website called and it’s embed function to embed different “pens” I will be able to show you different examples of HTML than what I have used in the videos. A CodePen “pen” is a small interface which can display the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Result that is created. In addition, I will be able to provide questions that you can answer on your own and then allow you to check your answer using a previously created CodePen.

Below is a sample of what I will be using to help teach examples and create practice problems for you:

The buttons labled "HTML" and "Result" can be toggled to show only one specific viewpoint

If your interested in getting updates on when I post a new video, sign up for the newsletter below!


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